Participating Teams

Lower Primary Group (Year 1-2)

Middle Primary Group (Year 3-4)

Upper Primary Group (Year 5-6)

Secondary Group (Year 7-8)

The First Form of Activity

The head of head

Science knowledge will be examined, players get to compete online with peers from different countries of the same age group, scores will be calculated in the Global Science Ranking.

10 MCQ on science daily, timer starts 3 seconds after the question given, 10 seconds are given to select the correct answer. The higher the accuracy, the higher the score.

The second form of activity.

City Top Gear

Programming Project includes three tasks: vehicle Exterior Design, Modification and Programming Racing.

Participants control the movement and parameter changes of vehicles in urban scenes through a programming module. There will be two lanes: carriageway and overtaking lane. There will be NPC vehicles and traffic lights in the scene as obstacles.

The criteria for the first project

Science Brain Scorcher

Wrong answer will not be calculated.
If all questions are answered correctly,
then:Point 100: Count-down timer remaining 9 seconds or more
Point 90: remaining 8 seconds or more
Point 80: remaining 7 seconds or more
Point 70: remaining 6 seconds or more
Point 60: remaining 5 seconds or more
Point 50: remaining 4 seconds or more
Point 40: remaining 3 seconds or more
Point 30: remaining 2 seconds or more
Point 20: remaining 1 seconds or more
If zero second is left, there will be no points.

The criteria for the second project

City Top Gear

Game Failed:
when the user's vehicle collided to other vehicles and ran the red light , the game failed.

when the vehicle was running for more than 10 It will return to the normal lane.
The user clicks on the programming button and returns to the programming interface, clicking on the challenge button again and running again.
The timing statistics are minimal to 10 milliseconds.
5 minutes above/failure scoring formula: average speed (m/s)* driving distance (km)*10.
The scoring formula of the game is completed within 5 minutes: 80000- the number of seconds (seconds)*200.