International Youth Technology and Engineering Conference (ITEC) is an international student activity of creative thinking and its practise organised by the China MOE’s subordinate institute, together with the United States, the UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, India and other dozens of countries. By means of artificial intelligence and virtual reality technology, and internet as a carrier, it aims to develop students’ inter-disciplinary and comprehensive creative capabilities in the future intelligent era, thus to help students master the must-to-have knowledge and skills in real life and during their life-long learning.

The Core Capabilities of the Future World

At the so-called “golden era” of cultivating scientific literacy and innovative thinking, adolescents and children should be guided to use the knowledge and engineering skills that they have already mastered to solve practice problems in a scientific way of thinking and practice. This is essential to foster students’ ability of innovation and thus to enhance their competitiveness in the future world.

All we are doing now is to prepare children for future to —be engaged in the work that has not appeared till today —master the technology that has not been invented till today —solve the problems that have not been encountered till today

Goals and concepts
ITEC hopes to build an activity platform with the power of science and technology. It aims to facilitate the all-round development of adolescents’ knowledge and ability, to cultivate their scientific literacy and innovative skills, and thus to make contributions to creating a better intelligent era.
Curiosity: Curiosity is the basis for students to inquiry, while fun is important to keep their stay curious. Fun is the first and primary factor for ITEC to design their technology and engineering activities, which helps to motivate their learning, creation and practice and guides them into the future as well as adopts to the future world.
Humanties: ITEC advocates the integration of humanities and science, so that adolescents can develop a better understanding of the world and further to modify the world on the basis of “freedom, equality, fairness and harmony”.
Program Features
National Standards | Global Perspective
ITEC designs activities strictly in accordance with the national curriculum standards, while authoritative expert teams from well-known universities and research institutions ensure the universality of the project. The exchange with other dozens of countries/ regions will be able to broaden the children’s horizon as well.
Student-Oriented | Computational Thinking
ITEC is student-oriented that it encourages students to accomplish task by their autonomous inquiry and by means of computer programming. It is one of the basic must-to-have quality of students in future to understand the human-machine communication.
Learning for Practice | Knowledge upon Action
ITEC strives to combine STEAM education with key disciplines, encourages students to solve problems by applying their existing knowledge and helps students to experience the practical results by means of VR technology, which is a stimulus for students to foster their interest in learning and to understand deeply of the origin of knowledge.
Literacy Evaluation | Plan Growth Pathway
ITEC provides each participant with a science and engineering competency assessment report that analyzes and evaluates the students’ overall performance on their competencies, and thus to guide them in making objective judgement and independent planning for their individual competency development.